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Mom · 16 Des 2019 13:43 WIB

Balancing Housework And Your Baby

					Balancing Housework And Your Baby Perbesar

Babies need constant attention — they require constant feedings and diaper changes, and they require them at all hours. Tending to a baby is a full-time job, so it’s no big surprise when dishes start piling up and you’re running out of clean baby bibs.

Still, a clutter-free home can make your life feel just a little less hectic. Here are some tips for new parents hoping to keep their homes clean and organized while caring for their baby:

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– Declutter. Less clutter in your home will help you keep your sanity. Get your partner or a friend to help you sort through, store or get rid of things you no longer need. Having fewer objects in the house means fewer items to be dusted, wiped, polished, picked up and rearranged.

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– Invest in a sling. With your baby in a sling or other carrier, your hands will be free to fold laundry, dust and vacuum. As the baby gets older and you are able to do more activities outside of the house, the sling will also help you carry your baby through stores and other areas.

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